Wooden Adult Rocking Chair KD-22N/22B/22W
September 8, 2018
KD-20N/20BG/2OR/BB Child Porch Rocker
July 28, 2017


Woven Rattan Rocker


Selling Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Easy assembly
  • Outdoor finishing protection

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Wood: Italian Yang
Rust protection: 2 years (48 hrs salt spray test)
Wood finishing: Outdoor finishing paint
Size (cm/in):W 69.5/27.36, D 86/33.86, H 115 /45.28
Net W (kg/lbs): 8.8/19.4
Static load: 250 kg
Drop test load: 110 kg on 15 cm drop
Color of choice: Black, White, and Oak
Easy assembly
Outdoor finishing protection test

Exposed outdoor in Zhejiang factory

Strong built

110 kg load on drop impact 15 cm above twice

Standard packaging (cm/in)

W 118.5/46.65, D 62/24.41, H 9.5/3.74 CBM 0.0698 / Cube FT 2.465

E-store packaging (cm/in)

W 121/47.64,D 64.5/25.39, H 10.5/4.13 CBM 0.0819/Cube FT 2.849

Installion guide

Heavy duty Test